Hi I'm Sean.
I like art & design. i like music. i like things disguised as other things. i like to dance. i like to create. i like to take pictures. i like adventures. i am the sean. here's what i share.
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Hi there friend! Woah that candy looks great! I wanted to talk to you about the fact you tagged them as diabetes, though! The diabetes tag on tumblr is a resource for many diabetics on tumblr, like myself. We go on there to find help or for people in similar situations! It often disheartens us that people tag sugary foods as 'diabetes' because well, it's not really about that! :) I'd love to give you more info if you'd like, but if you could not tag food as diabetes please? Thanks!
iamthesean iamthesean Said:

Hey thanks for the message, I rarely post food.

My cousin has type 1 diabetes, so I grew up learning all about it. I even know how to prick my finger and test my blood sugar the old fashioned way. It’s a tough thing to have.

I appreciate the kindness of your message, and I mean this in the nicest way, don’t tell me what I can or can’t post. Ever.

If you don’t like it, unfollow.

I don’t mean that as an attack at all, but this whole “you can’t say this, or do that because it offends me” is ridiculous. People can say what they want, if you’re offended, own it. It’s your issue, nobody else’s.


the truth is out there.


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me and my bf

Me and Matt.

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Pretty tree. #nz #rotoroa #sweetas #tree (at Rotoroa Island)

Where I ate lunch today #rotoroa

I may have lost control of this situation…#diabetes #diabeetus #whathaveidone


he lowers his wand because he knows that scene. A woman jumps in front of Harry willing to protect him with her own life. He didn’t see this with his own eyes but the resemblance literally disarms him for a moment before he can keep on playing his role.

this sense is just so intense! 

Uh…or he realizes he has a raised wand at one of the most badass witches in the potterverse! She’s so precise, and insanely gifted, voldemort himself would have hesitated too.

That time I met the cast of the Amazing Race: Australia vs New Zealand #sweetas @tv2nz #tv2amazingrace #tugofwar

And on that day sean said goodbye to his abs, for he would never see them again… #omfg #hundresandthousands #crack #whoneedstoseetheirfeetanyway #nz #newzealand #kiwi #sweetas #bestpart